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Η Vstar δραστηριοποιείται από το 2017 στο χώρο της ενοικίασης επαγγελματικών οχημάτων και κυρίως van.

Ως εταιρεία παροχής υπηρεσιών, η Vstar δίνει μεγάλη σημασία στο ανθρώπινο δυναμικό της και αποτελεί το βασικό πυρήνα λειτουργία της.

Our company operates in the car and light truck rental industry. In the leasing industry it provides Short-Term Leasing (less than one year lease) and Long-Term Leasing and fleet management services (over one year leasing).


Find the Van that suits you and book it online quick and easy from your computer your mobile or your tablet.

  • All vehicles can be driven with a simple amateur driving license.

  • Online Booking

  • Vstar fleet

Our van fleet consists of vehicles from 3 different categories (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, VF), all equipped with diesel engines, in order to meet the different needs of each customer, whether it is a professional or a private individual.

  • Παράδοση – Παραλαβή

We can provide pickup and delivery of the van to and from your place, by appointment. We can serve all days of the week including Sunday without any extra charge, upon request and after necessary arrangement

  • Road Assistance

We provide 24-hour road assistance all over Greece and transportation of the car if needed.

Δωρεάν ακύρωση της κράτησης

  • Εύρος Oχημάτων

Διαφορετικοί τύποι Van που καλύπτουν κάθε ανάγκη


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